The EU wants you DEAD!

Dear Customer

The EU wants you DEAD!

(The Tobacco Products Directive - Article 20.)

Following an unlawful and corrupt piece of EU Legislation which will come into force in May 2016 most if not all of the products sold in our stores and online will be illegal.

The result of this means you will only be able to buy e-cigarettes made by the big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies which will be specifically engineered to be the least effective vaping devices. eg. 10ml bottles max 20mg, 2ml max tank size with sealed cartridge systems and or spill and leak proof refill systems.

What the EU wants you do:

  • Stop Vaping
  • Start smoking again
  • Get cancer and heart disease
  • Treat you with expensive drugs (note: treat not cure)
  • Then die.

Why ? because there's lots of money in it for them ! The very last thing they think about is your health and liberty.

How can we stop this ? Not easy.. but we must try..

What can you do to help ? you could start by writing to your local MP and explain to them how using e-cigarettes has helped you quit smoking and how restricting the choice and performance of Vaping devices which amounts to a prohibition on the most popular and effective products on the market, will result in more people either not switching to e-cigarettes or falling back to smoking again which will affect the health of millions of people in this country.
Signing petitions - Fight the European Comission on the ridiculous regulations of e-cigarettes

Supporting groups of advocates who promote the safe use of e-cigarettes.

This will only take 10-15mins of your time but may saves the lives of many people just like you !

So please ask us if you would like our assistance….. - 0845 689 0064


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Posted by Wayne Marler on 17 October, 2015 0 comments
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